Open Air Booth

Open Air Booth is our flagship photo booth service. It includes everything you need to give you and your guests the ultimate photo booth experience. This professionally attended service features portrait studio lighting and cameras, stunning prints and more!

Glam Booth

The GLAM Booth is the ultimate experience for guests seeking celebrity-inspired glamour! With our state of the art airbrushing technology and professionally crafted Black & White prints, guests will be left with stunning 4×6 single pose photos, showcasing their flawless complexions in all of their glory.

AI Experience

Our AI Experience is an unforgettable booth where technology met fun. Guests interacts with an advanced A.I. system, engaging in conversations, getting personalized recommendations, and experiencing real-time generated art based on their preferences. The booth is equipped with interactive screens and colorful, futuristic designs. Be amazed by the seamless blend of artificial intelligence and entertainment, creating a unique, high-tech atmosphere that buzzed with excitement and innovation.

360 Video Booth

360° Video Booth is our show stopping, celebrity-like experience. Guests are captured in dramatic, slow motion footage, live at your event. Wow your guests with an experience that puts them in the spotlight.

Video/Gif BOOTH

This is the TikTok and Instagram lovers dream video booth. Have the experience all evening for you and your guest to create and share as much content as you wish! *This is awesome as a video confessionals.


The Roamer Photo Booth is a portable, handheld device designed to capture memories on the go. Its sleek, lightweight design allows for easy mobility, offering instant, high-quality photo printing and social media sharing, perfect for events and gatherings.

Green Screen

Create fun memories with our photo booth’s green screen! Choose any backdrop, from exotic locations to fantasy worlds, for unique, personalized photos. Perfect for parties, weddings, and events.


Elevate your event with our elegant backdrop selections, ranging from classic to modern designs. For a unique touch, customize your backdrop to match your theme perfectly. Our premium, high-quality backdrops are designed to create stunning, memorable photo opportunities for any occasion. To see backdrop options, Click Here!


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  -Full size prints delivered instantly

  -Standard backdrop included

  -Customize prints with your logo

  -Share images on Social Media


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