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Social Media Portal - Social Media Photo Booth

Share Images Instantly

Today’s visual society means images are more important than ever to promote your product, service, cause or event.  With our sharing station, image sharing at your event is easy, fast and effective. Everyone can easily email or text their photos and then post them on social media – right on the spot — maximizing impact for Step-and-Repeats, Onsite Prints, Green Screen Photography or the YouBooth.

Customize and Quantify Image Shares

Extend the impact and influence of your event by customizing the email subject line and message body of the shared photos. Include hashtags and keywords that maximize your social media outreach. After your event, we’ll provide a report on the number and method of shares, giving you another tool to quantify your event results.

Customize and Quantify Image Shares - Social Media Photo Booth

Want to see it in action?

Watch this short video to see exactly how effective the social media portal is at getting your message on social media.