Robert is a one-of-a-kind, world renowned photographer who is perfect for couples looking for the absolute best in creative vision & artistic excellence. Robert is incredibly likeable and exudes an overwhelming sense of calm and capability when you’re around him. His photography style is highly stylized – capturing portraits that are vivid, exciting and truly unique. Having photographed the weddings of many celebrities including Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston, Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud, and Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Robert is in high-demand and we feel privileged to be his east coast representatives.

Get to know Robert

and why he loves photographing weddings

“The photographer’s eye is like a fingerprint — no two photographers see things the same way. how I see, is the gift I’ve been given. My vision is what makes me stand out. The common denominator is my connection to my couples. ”