Green Screen Photography - 5th Avenue Digital
Green Screen Photography- 5th Avenue Digital

Green Screen Photos

Green screen photography lets you to put your event guests virtually anywhere. Customize your photos to strengthen brand awareness or reinforce your event’s marketing message. Put your guests on a magazine cover, in center field of a ballgame or even in the gaping mouth of a dinosaur. Almost anything is possible with green screen photography.

Customized Branding

Tailor your promotion specifically to your target by offering multiple background images and layering your graphics over the photo, putting your customized brand message directly in their hands. Green Screen photos can be printed onsite or shared via our Social Media Portal, which lets everyone email, text or post their photos immediately. Green screen backgrounds can also be used with our You2Booth photo booth.

Green Screen Photography - 5th Avenue Digital

How does it work?

What is green screen technology, exactly, and how does it work? This quick video shows how green screen images are created and how it effectively maximizes your brand marketing. It’s less than a minute — take a look!